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Nespresso capsule system

The Nespresso capsule series is ideal for the people who prefer machines that are easy to use. Nespresso has also put quite an effort in the design on most of the series machines, even on some of the low priced models.

Nespresso is the only capsule machine syste, where the machines and the coffee products are branded under the same brand. The actual machines are not made by Nespresso themselves, they are made by known coffee maker brands such as Knups and DeLonghi.

The Nespresso coffee products are only available online on the Nespresso website and through the dedicated App and via the Nespresso stores that are fund in some cities.

You would also be able to find other suppliers of capsules that are compatible with the Nespresso machines, and they can be found in various retail stores and online.

All Nespresso coffee makers brew coffee at 19 bar pressure, which is the same level that is used in traditional espresso makers. The high level of pressure means that it is possible to extract oil essence that otherwise would not be extracted and this gives the products a better taste.

Some of the high end models are able to use milk the same way a conventional espresso machine does. This means that they are able to make latte and cappuccino with fresh milk, and that makes a big difference compared to if you would make the same drinks based on milk powder in a pod.

The price range of the Nespresso capsule machines spans from $130 to $650.

  1. Brews under correct espresso pressure
  2. Nice designed and user friendly coffee makers
  3. Great Varity of coffee products available


  1. Not all the coffee makers can make milk based drinks
  2. The machines cannot make the, coffee or cold drinks
  3. The capsules use aluminium, that is not the most environmental friendly solution


The most significant features for the Nespresso products are:
  • Price pr. cup is starting from $0.50
  • Sealed aroma in the capsules gives fresh coffee products
  • No milk / milk power in the capsules
  • Cup size: 40 to 110 ml
  • Coffee brands: Primary Nespresso, but 3. part coffee pods are available

Avilable products:

  • Black coffee
  • Espresso
  • Decaf coffee

Non available products:

  • Cappuccino (*)
  • Latte (*)
  • Tea
  • Cocoa
  • Cold drinks

(*)= Some Nespresso coffe makers has build in milk functions, that enables them to produce cappuccini and latte drinks