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Illy (E.S.P.) Capsule system

The coffee brand Illy has made a capsule series called ”Easy Serving Pods”, also known as E.S.P. It is an open standard for coffee pods, and the products  can be used in dedicated E.S.P. capsule machines or in conventional espresso makers that are designed to use the E.S.P. products as well as regular espresso coffee.

The pod itself is made of 0.2 grams of paper, and Illy currently produce 7 different coffee products in the series. The use of paper as a container for the coffee is the systems greatest advantage and its biggest drawback. The big advantage of paper use is that the pods can fit into many conventional espresso makers without changing their design. However paper is not air-tight and cannot preserve the freshness of the coffee in the same way that sealed aluminum pods can. This means that the Illy pods must be used within 6 weeks of opening the pack.

The E.S.P. pods can only be used for making coffee. It is not possible to make tea or cold drinks.

Because the E.S.P. standard is open, the system is used across different manufactures of espresso machines.

There are not as many E.P.S. machines available on the US marked. The price range starts at $300.



  1. The coffee is brewed under correct 15 bar espresso pressure
  2. Great coffee quality
  3. The system can also be used in many conventional espresso machines


  1. A small selection of dedicated ESP machines is avalible
  2. Can not make the, cocoa or cold drinks
  3. The EPS coffee products is not distributed in mainstream retail stores in the US


The most important features for the ESP products are:

  • Price pr. cup is starting at $1.50
  • The pods are suppled in a tin box that preserves the aroma in 6 weeks after opening
  • There is no milk / milkpowder product capsules avalible (for latte and cappucchino)
  • Portion size: 30 to 130 ml.
  • Coffee brands avalible: Primarry Illy, but other alternatives exsistå

Possible product variations:

  • Black coffee
  • Espresso
  • Decaf coffee

Non availble products:

  • Cappuccino
  • Latte
  • The
  • Cocoa
  • Cold drinks