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Cuisinart EM-100 review


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Posted February 2, 2015 by

The Cusinart EM-100 is a fair-priced and fairly good-looking semi-automatic espresso machine. It has all the basic features that you would expect form an espresso machine but nothing more. It stands out in its price range as one of the few machines with a stainless steel cabinet. It is also a plus that it has a built-in frothier, which makes it possible to make steamed-milk drinks, such as cappuccino.

The biggest drawback of the unit is the lack of electronic control, and this means that the machine has few adjustment options. It is also a problem for the coffee brewing quality that the brew pressure is on the low side of what is recommended for an espresso machine.

We rate the Cuisinart EM-100 a 5.0 out of 10.


Cuisinart EM-100 at a Glance

Heat up time: 180 sec.

Cuisinart EM-100 heat up time

10 out of 50 semi automatic coffee maker in the survey is slower than the The Cusinart EM-100. See the complete heat up time survey.

Energy consumption: 1000 Watts

Cuisinart EM-100 energy consumption

The unit uses 1000 Watts and 15% of the semi automatic espresso machines in the survey uses less Watts. See the complete energy survey result.

Price: 140 Dollars

Cuisinart EM-100 price

The Cusinart EM-100 costs $140 and 20% semi automatic espresso machines costs less than this unit.See the complete price survey result.

Water tank: 53 onces

Cuisinart EM-100 water tank size

35% of all semi automatic espresso machines in the survey has a larger water tannk than the The Cusinart EM-100. See the complete water tank survey result.

Weight: 16 pounds

Cuisinart EM-100 weight

21 out of 50 semi automatic espresso machines are heavier than the The Cusinart EM-100. See the complete weight tank survey result.


Cuisinart EM-100 size

30% of all the units in the survey are smaller. See the complete size survey result.



The Cuisinart EM-100 has the classic shape of a semi-automatic espresso machine. There are no specific design features or details that set this machine apart from the competition, but its conventional design will probably appeal to a large audience. There are no color options when you buy this machine. It is only available as a stainless steel cabinet with chrome parts.

On top of the unit is a cup-warming plate. It heats up the cups by reusing the heat from the brewing process, so do not expect the cups to be too hot. In fact, the cup warming plate will most likely just serve as the place you keep your espresso cups.

The machine has a built-in heating light that indicates when the machine is ready to brew. The unit is 30% smaller than the average machine, and this means that it is easy to fit into most kitchen environments.

The five best design alternatives

  • Philips Saeco Via Venezia design score 5 out of 10



Value for money

The espresso machines in this price range do not have many special features, so what you should look for in this price range is the design and brewing quality. The best indicator for a high-quality brew is the pressure, and this machine is on the low end. Most people will probably approve of the design, but there is nothing that really makes it stand out.

The Cuisinart EM-100 has all the basic features you would expect from a semi-automatic espresso machine, but nothing more. The features that are missing are the benefits of electronic control of the machine. Electronic control would mean that the machine could be programmed to brew coffee that matched your personal preferences. It would also mean that the machine would have built-in cleaning warnings and programs.

Compared to the competition

Some of the bestselling semi-automatic espresso machines are found in the same price range as the Cuisinart EM-100, so the competition is tough. If you are considering paying a bit more for your coffee machine, then the DeLonghi Icona is a quality machine that is definitely worth considering. On the other end of the price range, you can buy the Saeco Pomia, which is a good-looking machine from a respected brand and with the same features as this unit, but at a price that is about $50 lower.

The 5 best price alternatives

  • Espressione Cafe Minuetto value for money 7 out of 10



The machine brews with 15-bar pressure and that is at the low end of what to expected from an espresso machine. All the aroma and flavor are best extracted at around 18- to 19-bar pressure, so it is an issue with this unit that it only brews with 15-bar pressure.

A good feature is that the machine can use ground espresso or pods, which makes it more versatile for daily use because you do not always have to go through the process of preparing an espresso from ground coffee. You can just use a convenient coffee pod.

The machine can also make steamed milk for cappuccino. This is done with the built-in steam nozzle.

You should also know that the machine has a removable drip tray and comes with a porta filter holder and a tamping tool.



  • 15 bar pressure
  • Can use ground espresso coffee or pods
  • Steam nozzle
  • Frothing cup
  • Removeable drip tray
  • Tamping tool included
  • Stainless steel cabinet
  • Cup warming plate
  • Heating light
  • Portafiler holder


Benchmarked against 50 semi automatic espresso machines

Overall score 5.0 out of 10
Bestseller 29 out of 50
Price level $140 65% lower than the average price
Weight 16 pounds 5% less than the average weight
Size 13,8,11 inches 30% smaller than average
Water tank size 53 ounces 15% larger than the average size
Heat up time 180 seconds 40% slower that average
Energy comsumption 1000 W 15% less than the average consumption

You can find more information on the complete analysis and its assumptions here.

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Where to buy

The Cusinart is avaliable at:

Whole Latte Love

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Cuisinart EM-100 review sum up


  1. Fair price
  2. Large water tank
  3. Compact size


  1. Slow heat up time
  2. Few adjustment options
  3. Low brew pressure



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