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Bene Casa BC-99152 review


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Posted March 14, 2015 by

The Bene Casa BC-99153 is a cheap and relatively nice-looking semi-automatic espresso machine. It costs just $45, so it is priced at a level that is within reach of most everyone.

The machine is compact and simple to operate. The major drawback of the unit is the steam pressure level of the brewing. The unit only brews at 3.5-bar pressure, and that is not enough to extract coffee flavors in a true espresso style, which requires more than 19-bar pressure. This means that you cannot expect the unit to make espresso-quality coffee like a regular espresso machine.

We rate the Bene Casa BC-99152 a 3.3 out of 10.


The five best design alternatives

  • Mr Coffee cafe barista espresso maker design score 4 out of 10


Bene Casa BC-99152 at a Glance

Heat up time: 120 sec.

Bene Casa BC-99152 heat up time

14 out of 50 semi automatic coffee maker in the survey is slower than the Bene Casa BC-99153. See the complete heat up time survey

Energy consumption: 1000 Watts

Bene Casa BC-99152 energy consumption

The unit uses 1000 Watts and only 7 out of 50 semi automatic espresso machines in the survey uses less. See the complete energy survey result.

Price: 45 Dollars

Bene Casa BC-99152 price

Bene Casa BC-99153 costs $45 and only one semi automatic espresso machines cost less than this unit.See the complete price survey result.

Water tank: 32 onces

Bene Casa BC-99152 water tank size

Only 6 out of 50 semi automatic espresso machines in the survey has a smaller water tannk than the Bene Casa BC-99153. See the complete water tank survey result.

Weight: 8 pounds

Bene Casa BC-99152 weight

Just 5 out of 50 semi automatic espresso machines are lighter than the Bene Casa BC-99153. See the complete weight tank survey result.


Bene Casa BC-99152 size

40% of the units in the survey are smaller. See the complete size survey result.


The 5 best price alternatives



  •  4 cup capacity
  • 3.5 bar pressure
  • Swivel frother
  • Glass carafe
  • Stainless steel fase
  • Removable drip tray


Benchmarked against 50 semi automatic espresso machines

Overall score 3.3 out of 10
Bestseller 40 out of 50
Price level $45 85% lower than the average price
Weight 8 pounds 50% less than the average weight
Size 12,8,13 inches 25% smaller than average
Water tank size 32 ounces 30% smaller than the average size
Heat up time 120 seconds 10% faster that average
Energy comsumption 1000 W 15% less than the average consumption

You can find more information on the complete analysis and its assumptions here.

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Bene Casa BC-99152 review sum up


    1. Compact size
    2. Low price
    3. Low energy consumption


    1. Low breing pressure
    2. Can not brew into tall glasses
    3. Plastic cabinet

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