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Posted October 17, 2014 by

No matter how you look at it, this is a nice machine. It is designed for people who appreciates design, usability, good coffee and most of all a machine that is built using the highest standards for materials and build quality.

The price of around $ 750 is in the high end of the segment, but quality costs.

The result of the Ascaso Dream review score is 6.8 out of 10, where the highest possible design score helps pull up the average.


Ascaso Dreamat a Glance

Heat up time: 180 sec.

Ascaso Dream heat up time

75% of 50 semi automatic coffee maker in the survey is faster than the Ascaso Dream. See the complete heat up time survey.

Energy consumption: 900 Watts

Ascaso Dream energy consumption

The unit uses 900 Watts and just 3 of the semi automatic espresso machines in the survey uses less Watts. See the complete energy survey result.

Price: 750 Dollars

Ascaso Dream price

The Ascaso Dream cost $750 and just 6 of the semi automatic espresso machines costs more than this unit.See the complete price survey result.

Water tank: 42 onces

Ascaso Dream water tank size

45% of all semi automatic espresso machines in the survey has a smaller water tank than the Ascaso Dream. See the complete water tank survey result.

Weight: 20 pounds

Ascaso Dream weight

13 out  of 50 semi automatic espresso machines are lighter than the Ascaso Dream. See the complete weight tank survey result.


Ascaso Dream size

20 out of 50 of the  units in the survey are bigger. See the complete size survey result.



The design of the Ascaso design is modern retro style.  The machine is more than 10 years old, but it still looks modern and it is very likely that it will be available in its current design for 10 more years.

The design is supplemented by a superior build quality and attention to detail. One example is the switches that you use to operate the machine. They look like the interior of a 1950s car and has the right click feeling when you operate them.

Another example is the handle that you use to place the coffee puck into the machine. It is made of chrome, and just look good.

The machine is available in 9 different colors, including cow print and polished aluminum. The rest of the colors are: Red, love red, cream, sweet cream, blue, white and green.

The five best design alternatives

  • Benzzera design score 8 out of 10



Value for money

The Ascaso Dream is expensive. It costs around $750, and that is just about the double of what the average semi automatic espresso machine costs. If you just look at the facts then there is no way that the price can be justified. It has no electronics that help you to operate the machine or to descale or clean it. It is not bigger or faster than the average machine. But it has an aura that is rarely found in other machines. The Dream has authenticity and quality overload, and if that is what you are looking for then there are few other machines that can match the Dream.

Compared to the competition

There are two kind of competitors to the Ascaso Dream; espresso makers that also talk to your heart when it comes to the design and quality feeling, and the machines that are in the same price range. Examples of the first kind are the Francis Francis models X1 and X7 (capsules) and the DeLonghi Kmix.

The Pasquini Liva 90 and the Breville BES870XL Barista Express are examples of machines in the same price range as the Ascaso Dream. Both machines are more feature-rich and not as strong on design and the quality feeling.

The five best price alternatives

  • Rancilio Silva value for money 5 out of 10



The Spanish Ascaso company has been building some of the world’s best coffee machines for the last 50 years. The Dream is handmade in Barcelona and is made with commercial grade components. Examples of the high quality standard are that the thermo block has been made of stainless-lined aluminum, and the group head is made of chrome plated brass.

The weight of the machine is 20 pounds, which is 30% heavier than the average semi automatic espresso machine, but the machine is not bigger than average. It is in fact exactly the average size of semi automatic machines, so the extra weight can be attributed to the use of heavier metal components.

The water tank capacity is 42 ounces, and that is the same as the average size. The heat up time however is not average. It takes 3 minutes so it is one minute more that the average machine in the segment. That is not much, but still enough to be noticed in a tight morning coffee routine.

The energy consumption is 900 watts and that is 25% less that the average machine, so no concerns on this part.

The machine uses a 16 bar pump, and that is good because it means that the pump has extra capacity if you want to adjust your brewing style. The unit is also equipped with a temperature gauge that is capable of both measuring the coffee brewing mode and steam mode.

The Dream is equipped with three filters, a single 57 mm diameter filter and double 67 mm filter. They are both made of stainless steel. On top of that there is also included a ESP coffee pod filter, that lets you brew coffee using the convenient coffee pods.

The basic features of the machine are as you would expect from a machine in this price range. It comes with a removable water reservoir and it is equipped with a water level indicator and a cup heater and a stainless-Lined Aluminum thermo block.



  • Removeable water tank
  • Chrome plated brass grouphead
  • Vater tank (42 ounces)
  • 16 bar pumpe
  • Manometer
  • Cup heater
  • Steam nosle for frosting milk
  • Crome handle
  • Can use coffee pods


Benchmarked against 50 semi automatic espresso machines

Overall Score 6.8 out of 10
Bestseller 18 out of 50
Price level $750 80% above the average price
Weight 20 pounds 30% more that the average weight
Size 10,14,11 inches 5% smaller than average
Water tank size 42 ounces 5% more than the average size
Heat up time 3 minutes 40% slower that average
Energy comsumption 900W 25% less than the average consumption

You can find more information on the complete analysis and its assumptions here.

Video review

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The Ascaso Dream Review Sum up


  1. Nice design made with good materials
  2. Can use coffee pods
  3. The cup warmer ceeps the coffee worm longer


  1. Small water tank
  2. The price
  3. Not the best model for milk based coffee.


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