Coffee varieties

There is 5 different varieties of coffee, each with its unique characteristics:

There is 5 different varieties of coffee, each with it´s unique characteristics:

  • Coffee Arabica
  • Coffee Robusta
  • Coffee Liberia
  • Coffee Excelsa
  • Coffee Kona

The majority of the worlds coffee production are made with Arabica and Robusta coffee beans.


Coffee Arabica

Arabica coffee is made from the beans from the tree with the botanical name “Coffea Arabica”, and is native to Ethiopia. Coffee Arabica is considered to be the best tasting coffee. Unfortunately it has the lowest yield, and on top of that the plant is more vulnerable to diseases, parasites and insect infestation. For these reasons the Coffee Arabica is more expensive to produce that other coffee varieties.

All significant speciality coffee is made on Coffee Arabica beans. There is 3 different sorts:

  • Typica: Is made on Hawaii and in Mexico
  • Bourbon: Has Brazilian orign
  • Geisha: From Panama

On top of that, there is a variety of crossings and smaller locals varieties.


Coffee Robusta

Coffee Robusta originates from The Democratic Republic of Congo. As the name indicates it is more robust towards diseases that Coffee Arabica, but the taste is less appreciated because the bitter substances is more dominant. The resistants makes it easier to produce that Coffee Arabica, and therefore the coffee is cheaper.

Coffee Robusta contain 40 – 50% more caffein that Coffee Arabica, and fore this reason it is used in traditional Italian espresso coffee.