Coffee roasting

When coffee is roasted flavor and aroma ofthe coffee beans are created. Roasting coffee beans requires temperatures between 150and 500degrees.

Experts usea drumwasher, which rotates when the beans is put into the machine. This ensures uniformheat input toa ll of the beans.

Roasting can be divided into different phases:


This reduces the moisture content ofthe beans. The temperature usually get up to about 150degrees.


The roasting phase

It is in this phase  that you can design the different coffee flavors:

You stop the roasting process when the beans are 200 degrees worm, when you make light roasted coffee. Light roasted coffee is more fresh and sour than other types of roasting.

The medium coffee roasting stops at approximately 210 degrees. This type is not as fresh as light roasted coffee, but can be sweeter.

Dark roasted coffee is about 225 degress worm when the roasting process stops. The coffee will normally be bitterer. Dark roasted coffee are primarily used for espresso blends.

Light roast coffee will stop processing when the beansareapprox.200 degree heat. Light roast coffee is more fresh and sour.

The aromatic essences and the natural oils in coffee loves the flavor slowly, and it the therefor recommend to use the coffee 3 months after roasting..