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A Modo Mio Capsule system

A Modo Mio is the Italian brand Lavazza´s capsule series. There are only a few different types off machines that are imported to the US, but in Europe the selection of machines is wider.

The capsule serie’s biggest strength is the quantity of Lavazza coffee that is available for the machines. It comes in eight different versions, and the coffee is marketed as the closest you come to authentic Italian coffee in a coffee pod.

All the A Modo Mio coffee makers brew coffee using the correct espresso pressure (app. 15 bar), and the result is a coffee product that is very similar to a conventional espresso brewer.

The A Modo Mio system is only for coffee brewing, and it does not include capsules that contain milk powder. It is up to the design of the individual coffee maker if coffee products containing milk, such as latte and cappuccino, can be brewed.

The price range of machines available in the US starts at $300.

Pros and cons of the A Modo Mio capsule system


  • Easy and simple brewing process
  • Coffe is mad close to espresso quality
  • The coffee makers requres minimal cleaning


  • There is only a small series of capsule makeres avalible in the US
  • Only Lavazza coffee can be used
  • There is a limied distribution of capusles and coffee makers

The most significant features of the A Modo Mio products is:

  • The price pr. cup starts from 0.75 Dollars
  • The coffee in the capsuls is sealed and this conserves the fresh aroma
  • Lavazza is the only available brand

Possible product variations:

  • Black coffee
  • Espresso
  • Decafed coffee

Not avalible product variations:

  • Cappuccino (*)
  • Latte (*)
  • The
  • Coco
  • Cold drinks

(*)= Some machines can produce products using fresh milk, and can therefor make cappuccino and latte.

A Modo Mio Video clip

Here is an Italian commercial for A Modo Mio